Why Participate

  • JOIN the only INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDENT Energy sector Debate that belongs to West Africa and take part in making RESOLUTIONS to TRANSFORM the Socio- economic FUTURE of a promising region.
  • Network and engage with the Federal Ministry of Power of Nigeria, the biggest energy markets in the region, Be the 1st to know of their top priority projects.
  • Access a world-class Strategic Conference programme and Knowledge hub delivered by over 100 speakers on the vast market of the Ecowas zone and Acquire a better understanding of the investment potential in the region and gather recommendations to enter this market in the most efficient way.
  • Connect with a targeted audience, position yourself as a thought leader ahead of your competitors in the industry by sponsoring or becoming a speaker for one of the sessions, content creation, and live interviews.
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  • Industrials services to take the next level to take control of their blackout and losses by networking and select the best energy model that will sustain their operations