Why WAPECC in West Africa

Generally speaking, in the West African countries, including Nigeria, the electric power sector is one of the essential pillars of the economy, and indirectly, the development of nation states.

Most development programs aim to provide:

Security of supply, affordable and sustainable energy, optimal reconciliation of energy solutions and improving performance in the sector.

WAPECC is a bi-annual meeting convened as a follow-up to the regional meetings. The region’s only independent international reference platform, WAPECC enables the private sector to find and engage with the region’s energy sector authorities and to understand the different priority projects that will need either funding or technology partners.

Alongside government-led efforts, young and dynamic populations across the African continent have a unique opportunity to contribute and develop their economies in smarter, more innovative ways in this post pandemic world.

Virtual WAPECC21 is aiming at leveraging financing, technologies, and renewable energy to create jobs, provide clean energy services and eradicate energy poverty in west Africa.

Virtual WAPECC21 will help redefine the dynamics and Fundamentals for the future of West Africa Power and Energy in a Post Pandemic world to build the resilience of the ECOWAS zone through access to sustainable Energy.